For the times we have to drive to the trail, here's some cool bike transport machines from our Mtbr readers. Some are old and some are new. Some can handle the corners with ease, while others can create their own corners. Some can haul one bike, while others can haul ten. Let's celebrate these custom combinations that get us to the trail and back while putting a smile on our face.

Kevin's Jeep - dream off-road machine.

Custom Bronco

Randy's Bronco was saved from a field of decay and given new life with a V8 engine, a custom rack, navigation, LEDs and electronics to get him to the trail safely.

Rotary Mazda

This Mazda rotary-powered pickup can haul two bikes in style in the custom bed racks.

Jayson's Ride

Jayson's Ride. Photo by Jayson So

2001 XJ

2003 Intense Cycles Tracer on the back of a 2001 XJ. Photo by Terry Breheny

1984 Land Rover

1984 Land Rover gets you there.

Land Rover D2 and D4

Land Rover D2. Photo by Tim Krueger

All Terrain

All terrain wonder. Photo by Joseph Renzacci

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This next page is dedicated to the classic cars. It takes extreme passion to match one's classic car obsession with the cycling needs that are normally rough on the car. But when one can enjoy the drive to the trailhead and the ride, there's rarely a bad day.

1970 Camaro

1970 custom built Camaro. Photo by John Cowgur

Toyota Hilux

'76 Toyota Hilux. Photo by Reve Ramirez

Blue Toyota

Bike fits great in the back with the seats down.

Black and White Truck

Black and white custom truck. Photo by Keven Hedrick

'68 BMW 1600

A '68 BMW 1600. A 29er fits in the trunk. Photo by Chris DuBurg

Mazda Pickup

Mazda Rotary Pickup in all its glory.


Classic Mustang with rack. Photo by Jeff Brooks

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Sports cars add a different dimension to the trail ride since there is usually a windy mountain road on the way to the trail head. Space and off road ability may be an issue but the rewards are great, as getting to the ride truly can be part of the fun.


Italian bike hauler Ferrari. Photo by Sean Webster

Ian's Rocket

Ian's rocket. Photo by Ian Armstrong

Porsche 911

A Porche 911 will do when no substitutes are acceptable. Photo by Stuart Hunter

Skyline GTR

Nissan Skyline GT-R.


Lamborghini. Photo by Chad Schoenrock

2012 STI

The Subaru WRX STI is a mountain biker's favorite. Photo by Mathieu Thibodeau

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Camping vehicles earn a special place in our hearts since we can change, eat and then sleep in them. They can usually transform into a base camp where much festivities can commence.


Sprinters are known for Diesel torque and fuel efficiency. This Sprinter in Crested Butte has the bikes on the inside along with the beer fridge. Photo by Edward Walker

Andy's Marmalade

Andy's Marmalade. Photo by Andy Morsell


This van has two bikes and all the gear for mountain biking, helmets, shoes, and backpacks. Photo by Martijn De Ruijter


All season Westy.

Van Tent

Gets to the trailhead and can stay for a while. Photo by Thomas Lucachick

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Motorcycles offer a familiar two-wheeled experience but some obvious space challenges. Here's some interesting choices from our readers.

BMW Moto

This efficient bike hauler is a BMW moto. Photo by Mike Pate


This Twike can transport a bike in the cabin. Photo by Bart Viaene

BMW K1200

More curves per smile, with this 2000 BMW K1200 plus trailer. Photo by Martijn De Ruijter

BMW G5 Moto

BMW GS Moto. Photo by Erik Minman

Aero Obsession

Aero obsession. Photo by William A. Baguley

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