The Red Bull Rampage is held in Virgin, Utah and it is probably the most visually stunning (and dangerous) mountain bike event in the world. Long considered the "premiere" event in freeriding, the Rampage brings together a collection of slopestyle riders, freeriders and DH racers on some of the most extreme natural terrain as they compete in a two-run format with each run judged for things like style, amplitude and flow.

Andreu Lacondeguy

Andreu Lacondeguy - huge whip on the ridge

This year saw riders going bigger than ever and there was some added drama due to severe weather conditions that caused the finals to be moved from Sunday to Monday. After the second round of qualifying was final run (on Sunday), the top 3 qualifiers were Graham Agassiz (CAN), Brett Rheeder (CAN) and Tom Van Steenbergen (CAN). The top finalists from last year were all pre-qualified for the finals, as well.

Louis Reboul

Louis Reboul canyon gap backflip - he crashed

The highlight from qualifying was clearly Graham Agassiz's monster drop that measured out to 76 feet! There was also plenty of carnage during qualifying (watch the video of Kelly McGarry overshooting the landing on a 75 foot canyon gap jump). Unfortunately, Aggasiz suffered a knee injury which would keep him from competing in the finals.

Andreu Lacondeguy Kyle Strait

Andreu Lacondeguy (ESP) set the mark high during his first run scoring an amazing 95.2 score. He watched nervously as rider after rider attempted to beat his score with their second runs. As the finals progressed, Lacondeguy realized that his first run's score would hold and that he would not need to do a second run. Second place went to Cam Zink (USA) with a score of 89.5 and third place went to Brandon Semenuk (CAN) with a score of 89.2. Enjoy these photo highlights and be sure to click through the photo gallery at the bottom for even more great Photo-John photos!

Jeff Herbertson

Jeff Herbertson - first canyon gap backflip of the day - and successful

Cam Zink Brandon Semenuk

Best trick winner Cam Zink with a huge 360 drop (left) and Brandon Semenuk's big drop off the top (right).

Louis Reboul

Louis Reboul - heinous canyon gap backflip front wheel case - perhaps the worst crash during finals. He was taken down on a backboard as a precaution but medics said he should be fine.

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