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Those who skibike, know..
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Balkalboy raises a good point -- I now find myself with an extra t-shirt.

SO: the poster who posts the most inspirational riding and/or bike photo on this thread gets a free Ells t-shirt.

This informal "contest" ends Monday 7/28/08 at lunch PDT. That gives you two weekends between now and then. Oh, in case I broke any rules, this "contest" is void where prohibited. :eek:

Most who visit here tend to love our brand, however, we also tend to celebrate riding in general, so there will be no bias towards any one brand for this contest.

Have fun.

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team upchuck said:
Truly inspirational. The whole customer service failure and Tony Ellsworth's numerous lies about the situation inspired the sale of two Ellsworth frames!

Good golly!
Hold on a second there...

It was Tony's attempt at origami rockers, give him a break. He later upgraded from paper to plastic for only a few dollars more--and it's environmentally sound. I hear he has moved from magnesium to aluminum now. Maybe the next generation will be plutonium.
1 - 20 of 84 Posts
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