Mtbr recently posted this photo on Facebook as our latest Photo Caption Contest. We received an overwhelming response of entries (477 comments!), but the caption "Cow Back." by Chris Williams was the clear winner with 23 'likes'!

Congrats Chris! You are the lucky winner of our prize giveaway that includes Mtbr topcaps, Fyxation flat pedals and a Gnar Lube care package.

Check out some of the other top captions:

[*]Mike Kammerer - "oh crap, wrong gear!" (12 likes)
[*]Greg Flood - "On your left!" (10 likes)
[*]Steven Antalek - "And that's how she got the name Patty." (7 likes)
[*]Geoff Baker - "Roadie. It's what's for dinner." (6 likes)
[*]Garth Gourley - "Someone's running SRAM Red." (6 likes)
[*]Doug Riegner - "Carbon road bike $3000. Cycling shoes $200. Trying to outrun a Mad cow while    boyfriend takes a picture- priceless!" (6 likes)
[*]Tom Brown - "‎(Guy in the back:) Dude, do you think we should help Kelly out? (Other guy:) No she's    got it." (6 likes)
[*]John Proc - "That beef jerky in your back pocket.... was his brother" (5 likes)
[*]Kele'n Len - ‎"Tighten up that pace line!" (5 likes)
[*]Home E. Lama - "That's why there is no Tour de Omaha." (5 likes)
[*]Stuart Hopson - "Biking of the bulls" (5 likes)
[*]Kyle Maxwell - "LESS COWBELL!!!" (5 likes)
[*]Aaron Jozwick - "I want the prizes so please "like" this instead of reading another stupid-not-funny    caption." (4 likes)
[*]Michael McColgan - "This is what happens when they get the cow drunk at RAGRBRAI!" (4 likes)
[*]Pieter van der Weij - "Mooooooove!" (4 likes)
[*]Devon James - "Cows hate roadies too" (4 likes)
[*]Francis Cebedo - "White Bull... it gives you wings." (4 likes)
[*]Heath Beegle - "I bet some one is wishing they bought a trek right about now..." (4 likes)
[*]Jim Rutkowski - "Oh ****! Oh ****! Oh ****......." (3 likes)
[*]Dan Harbinger - "thats some great STEERing" (3 likes)
[*]Brent Cook - "Running of the bikes." (3 likes)
[*]Travis Langhorst - "She's about to contract Mad Cow Disease!" (3 likes)
[*]Joe Eugenio - ‎"...only 1 out of 4 riders surveyed noticed any performance gains achieved with White    Bull...." (3 likes)
[*]Steve Jackson - "Interbull training" (3 likes)
[*]Chet Thompson - "This is bullshit!" (3 likes)
[*]Travis Degn - "And you thought making mooing sounds at the cows as you ride past was just    harmless fun." (3 likes)
[*]David Greenwood - "Oh #$%&@#/ downshift downshift!!!" (3 likes)