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Philly Ladies???

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I need some girls to ride with!! I recently broke up with my BF of 4 years and he was really the one I rode with the most.. well he and his friends, which is now akward to ride with..

ANYWAY.. i live right next to Wissahicken and ride all the time by myself but I'd love to ride with some girls too! I also hit up White Clay, Marsh Creek and some others frequently..

Email me if you wanna ride!! :D
[email protected]
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There are a bunch of us women that ride Wissahickon and Belmont all the time. You may have seen us out there from time to time. I have been riding there for the past 17 years or so. We also do trips to white clay and fairhill throughout the year. Some of the women race, but most of us just like to ride. We are kind of chill riders and like the time we get in the woods to have a good time. We aren't the "racer" types who need to go as fast as we can all the time. That is why we really like the women rides alot. We do ride with the guys as well but sometimes the testosterone is just tooooo much:)
If you are into that kind of riding the let me know and we can hook up with you sometime.

Can't say I've seen too many females biking on the trails at the wiss. Perhaps post this in the PA section?
Frankie I'm definetly into that type of riding! I've never raced bikes before.. I race motorcycles so I get all my aggression out there haha
I am a guy but a group of us go out at Marsh Creek regularly. We do trail rides and no one is left behind. Most the men are married and I am not looking so don't have to worry of getting hit on lol.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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