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Philly area Trail conditions (SE PA)

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This has to be the longest summer time stretch I've gone without Mtn biking in many years. Just wondering what the trail conditions are like at any somewhat local rides to Philly. Wiss, French Creek, Fair Hill etc. A few more storms rolled through over the weekend, and it was pouring this morning(Wed. July 5) Just wondering how long I should wait to get out there.
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I was out in Fair Hill on Monday. The trails were moist....roots and rocks were slippery, but it was also the most humid weather that I have felt all summer. The trails along the creek were muddy in spots, but the rest of it wasnt bad. Marsh Creek was dry on Sunday. However, both places were pretty washed out from runoff on the hills, and the low lying flats were loose with sediment from the hills above. Looks like the trails are gonna be wet again though, considering its been raining all morning here.
i was at french creek yesterday in the morning. I didnt realize it rained the night before. Some areas were a little "swampy". Rocks were really wet. Let me tell you this. That severe rain just made the rocks grow bigger over there! LOL most of the hills are down to the base rock anyway but alot of the smaller rocks washed away and the already exisitng boulders are more exposed. It was raining last night as well as this morning so i would say its pretty mesy over there until this weekend at least. Watch out for fallen trees also. There are new one across alot of the down hill sections that i couldnt clear out because they waist high.
i was at wissahickon monday evening and the park was in very good condition. even that one section at creek level just past bells mill rd on the east side of the creek was rideable. there was some noticable errosion in places but considereing how much rain we've had everything looked great. I only did the east side of the park so i can't say how the west side is.
We were out at Belmont on Saturday morning. Don't ask me where extacly, as once I go in there, I don't know right from left, up from down ;)

What I can tell you is that we rode trails around the Hostel, and they were in pretty good condition considering the amount of rain that has fallen.

Good to hear that Wissahickon is coping.
Belmont trails..

Was over at Belmont yesterday (july 4), and the trails on the upper side (mouse) and the trail behind the big apartments (conshohocken road) were a mess!! BIG trees down all over the place. Ride a few yards, tree down, ride some more, tree get the picture. The side by the recycling center was much better with little to no problems.
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