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Hey all, newbie here. :thumbsup: Just in case you haven't heard, a new club has formed in Philly. Check it out at Come on over and register and join us at the meeting on Tuesday Feb 6 at 7pm at the Manayunk Diner. They serve beer! :D

There is a lot of enthusiam in the group and we are planning some nice events for this year. Come out and join the group!

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PMBA Elects Officers

From the PMBA Website ( )

Tuesday, 06 February 2007
After a mere 5 meetings - PMBA has established its first executive committee. The term of the offices has been set for one year, with the next subsequent election to be held in January of 2008.

Lou Harris-President
Chris Hunter-Vice President
Robert Krotee-Vice President
Nick Fortune-Treasurer
Marianna Morris-Secretary

Congratulations to the 5 who stepped up to the plate to run this organization. :thumbsup:

For those of you interested in becoming part of the first mountain bike club in the city of Philadelphia, and the first IMBA Chapter in the USA, I would encourage you to come out and be part of PMBA. The club will focus on fun, advocacy and rider education. Meetings are held monthly at the Manayunk Diner. More information on the PMBA website.

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