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1) Expenisve
2) Tanks - Heavy
3) Durable as um... well... well very very durable.

They're like the BB's they do. They're not the sexiest thing out there, but they fill a niche. If I was going to ride my bike around the world, or even the US - they would be one of the hubs I'd very likely to want 'em on my bike.

Also - they're not something brand spanking new - therefore not a lot of new hype around 'em.

No don't ride 'em. I'm too cheap to be able to afford 'em, and I want my bike to be lighter than that. Now if you give me a set... I'll be happy to tell you my impressions though. :)


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Phils are expensive but probably the most durable hubs ever built.Phil has been making hubs long before Chris King or any of the other high end manufacturers and most of those old Phil hubs are probably in excellent shape.
The freehub body has 4 rows of double pawls, allowing them to work even if most of the pawls have somehow broken.
Phils rear hubs are about 550 grams for the disc version, though the front hub is a little heavier than an XT disc hub. Phils can also be easily disassmebled and reassmbled in about 2 minutes with 2 8 mil allen wrenches.
And the King fans will hate me for this, but my Phil hubs roll smoother than my Kings (yes I have both).
If you are a big aggresive rider, or are looking for an awesome hub that will last until humanity is extinct, choose a Phil.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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