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Phil Wood EBB fitting questions...

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So I have a new steel SS with a Phil Wood EBB which I intend to build up over Christmas.

It'll have an SKF bottom bracket which will hopefully last longer than others I've tried.

So this is what I'll do, unless directed by you chaps to do something different! :^)

Check EBB and BB threads for swarf and clean both.

Thoroughly grease EBB and BB threads then cinch up nice and tight as per the BB instructions.

Grease threads of EBB lock nuts and tighten /not too tight/.

So... do I need to grease the outer shell of the EBB and frame BB to ease rotation?

Any other tips?

Cheers! :^)
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I have put a little bit of great on the outer part of the Phil Wood EBB that contacts the frame to help minimize/remove creaking more than anything....that is my only 2 cents to add to your plan.
What foshizzle said.

If you haven't already, you should frame saver the frame too.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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