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Bozeman is a compact town in a vast valley, One mountain range to the east the empty plains of Montana start, sweeping past Billings. SOuth down Gallatin Canyon is the geothermal cauldron of Yellowstone once known as Colter's Hell. The sky is a bright blue bordered by large, arrogant mountain ranges. Bozeman has one of the shortest growing seasons in the continental United States. The snow piles deep, drifted against the mountains undeer the cold blue sky. Bozeman originated as the brainchildd of a man named John Merin Bozeman who wanted to divert wagon trains off the Oregon Trail and settle them here. He became quite prosperous until he ran into some Crow Indians in the winter of 1888. John Bozeman was shot in the right breast - his rifle was jammed. He had charged, wielding the rifle as a club, only to be shot in the left breast. Bozeman's town had survived. Presently it was thriving due to the influx of celebrities and wealthy refugees from such places as California.

When Black settled in Bozeman he felt as if he were reclaiming the mountainous portions of Montana as his own. He felt a kinship with the late Mr. Bozeman. Black loved to run in the mountains. He ran the spine of the Bridger's, 26 miles of rocky trail at nine thousand feet. His breath carried him. He was drinking the sky. In all directions the earth stretched. The brown plains to his left ran off forever. Black did not like to look in that direction. He was infamous for saying, "Everything from Billings on east should be chopped off and called West Dakota."

RIP Boris Scyphers...the best friend anyone could ever hope to have
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