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Performance Pump - WARNING

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Why are there only a handful of shock pumps in the review section?

I just got a "Performance Hurricane Aftershock Suspension Pump" and it DOES NOT WORK with my Manitou Skareb. The needle doesn't go in far enough to open the valve. Crazy that they would skimp on 5mm of metal.

This may be a problem with all Manitou forks. XCguy had the same problem here ...

Can anybody recommend a cheap pump for me ... that will work with my fork?

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They're all fairly cheap from what I remember, the Manitou version works well in the range needed for their forks.
i also used the performance pump, worked fine for my manitou but let all the pressure out of rock shox. i got a bluzzy's (or something like the, the pollinator) taht works great all around.
Generic shock pumps.

The vast majority of pumps available today are the exact same pump. There are a very few exceptions. There are some folding pumps that make it easier to carry in a Camelback, and there are some others that may be unique...but by and large most name brand pumps from Fox, Manitou, Buzzy's Pollinator, etc., etc. are the same exact pump...probably from the same outfit in China...LOL! I have about 10 of these pumps myself, and I see plenty go through our shop, and 99% of them are the same darned pump. The only difference I see in them is color and the psi scale...some are lower or higher psi scales, but the pump body and pump head are identical.

If I were you, I'd go to the LBS and ask to try their pump on your fork. Bring your pump and see if there are any notable differences. Get the one that fits. I have a Manitou brand label pump made to work on all Manitou forks, and it is identical to all these other generic pumps I mentioned. You may have one of those odd pumps that's a little different. Here's a pic of that generic pump that I mentioned.


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I have a Hurricane and have used it on a few SPV forks with no issues, though I agree the threaded head on the pump is a bit too long. If you want to be able to screw the pump on far enough that the plunger can depress the valve core, just file a few mm off the pump head. A few minutes with a flat file will fix everything. Otherwise it works great.
tscheezy said:
just file a few mm off the pump head
Great idea. I might give that a try since I really like the 2 stage release concept of this pump.

There's probably going to be a "partially scratched" pump available on ebay soon.
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