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Cool, but legal?

AZ Mikey said:
Think the pedals would definitely go a long way toward making sure you are noticed by traffic. Unfortunately, not at all sure they are legal.

Arizona law provides that bikes and their riders are pretty much subject to the same laws that are applicable to motor vehicles, except where specific provisions have been made for bikes. See A.R.S. 28-812. Further, A.R.S. 28-817 sets forth pretty specifically the types of lighting that is allowed on bikes (a white front lamp visible at least 500 feet in front, a rear reflector on back and/or a red lamp). The real question to ask then, is do these pedal lights fall within what is allowed by 28-817, or alternatively, fall within what is allowed for motor vehicles?

They definitely don't fit the kind of lighting specifically allowed by 28-817. I also am wondering whether this kind of lighting would be prohibited on a car by A.R.S. 28-947, which generally prohibits cars from displaying "flashing lights." I have heard of people putting accessory lighting systems on cars not unlike this system and having trouble with the law. Although the statute does make an exception to the "flashing lights" rule for vehicles if they constitute a "vehicular traffic hazard requiring the exercise of unusual care in approaching, overtaking or passing," I'm not at all sure a bike fits in that category. Even if it does, I'm not at all sure the lights comply with all the physical requirements to make such a light legal under 28-947(D).

Is Pedalite making a warranty that this light is legal for road use in all states/countries they are selling it in? If so, I don't see it on their website. Just wondering, as it probably would not deter me one way or the other from getting a set if I actually did a lot of road riding at night. To me, I'd rather get the citation and pay a nominal fine then end up dead.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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