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This is a post from ironhorse rider posted in the ironhorse section but I think you guys would better answere that for him.
i own a 2003 warrior disk. i just replaced my pedals because my stock ones were shot. There brand new and they make the same crack noiseas a shot pedal is this bad. Also its not the crank i already cheches that
I still think it might be the crank becuase it is over a year old but what do you guys think?

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bike_freak said:
Either the cranks or the BB. Could possibly be runied threads in the crank arm where the pedals goes into, I had this problem and there was enough space between the threads to make a popping sound. Just got a new crank arm and all was fixed.
Had something similar on my friend's bike. Turned out to be the BB threads weren't greased at all. The LBS never even put 1 dab of it there, so after putting a generous amount of grease on the threads the noise was gone.

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Start by check if everything is tight.

Take off the pedals and try to disassemble them. Reassemble tight with fresh grease.

Time to go SPD. IMO
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