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Introducing the first dynamo hub with a DC output for charging phones, GPS devices, MP3 players and other portable electronics today's cyclists carry! It begins charging in just seconds, and after just a couple of hours on your bike, your device with no initial charge will have a full battery. You can even use the device while pedaling.

* DC 5v to 600mA output
* 6v3w rating
* 36-spoke configuration (14 gauge)
* Super free running
* Sealed bearings
* Flange-to-flange width: 92mm
* 92mm or 3/8-inch axel
* 731 grams

Set includes:

* Red dynamo hub
* 1 connecting cable
* Adapter set for small electronic devices
* Skewer

Perfect for charging:

* Mobile phone
* iPod
* iPhone
* MP3 player
* MP4 player
* Digital camera
* PedalPower+ V series battery packs
* PedalPower+ USB AA / AAA battery charger


Bikewagon ID: PP-DCAS
Ships within: 1 Business Day
Are you sure output is 12 volts? Where does it say that?
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