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I'm new to the forum. Please excuse me for this first post. I've been wanting to get into some trail riding for a few years but have found it hard finding a bike that will fit my tall stature (6'7") and budget.

I live in Australia, where access to XL/XXL frames is very limited and the only real option (outside of chance second hand market) is ordering one of the few XXL frames that ships to Aus each season (Specialised SJ, Trek Fuel as examples). It has been hard to justify the cost of these for an entry bike, without even getting to sit on it!

I've been reading more about GG bikes and seems the geometry of a Size 4 frame would work well.

I'm wondering if there are any size 4 Pedalhead full builds or frames out there for sale second hand? I have family in Boulder, CO and Houston, TX who return to Australia fairly regularly (pre-COVID).

Many thanks in advance.
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