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Pearl Izumi Jackets

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I'm looking at a couple of Pearl Izumi Jackets

Elite Barrier & Elite Thermal Barrier

Just wondered if anyone uses either, I'm tempted by the Thermal version, am in the Uk and its going to be anywhere between -2 & 10 (centigrade) for the next couple of months.

Trying to make sure the thermal wont be too warm, and that both breathe ok.

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My opinion...

I have the previous version of the Barrier. I use it as my 3 season shell. Our winter temperature ranges are -17C to 2C. At your ranges, I ride my PI shell. I bought it big so I could layer underneath it.

I've ridden with it for years and it's part of my fall/winter/spring bike kit.

When I finally crash and kill it, I will buy another PI shell to replace it. It breathes well, it's durable and serves its purpose well.
Cheers Ken, it sounds ideal, better than the old paclit gore jacket I currently use.

Next step .... warmer feet.
Mine is...

cagey76 said:
Ken, so the barrier is just a windproof shell, no real thickness to it ?

I currently wear an old gore thin windproof top over a thin merino base layer and a normal jersey, and get cold. I wonder if the Barrier would offer much more than what I have, or maybe I need a thicker jersey or baselayer.
Mine is a shell, no thickness. Someone who has this version will vs. the older will have to help you w more specific details.

I'm what Cartman refers to as "big-boned", so getting too hot is a bigger concern for me. Sorry I couldn't provide more insight.
I'm not small Ken and sweat like a pig, if I have to stop for a puncture and the damp stuff cools, its not nice.

I'm still unsure, I might look for a thicker jersey to try underneath the gore.

Thanks for your help.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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