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Nestled in the foothills of Colorado lies the town of Evergreen. Within Evergreen you have a lot of choices for riding. Today we focused our early morning Father's Day ride on Bergen Peak. With a steep climb to the top, lot's of switchbacks, and a fast technical decent, it offers a bit of everything in an area you wouldn't expect it to be.

It's up and away on a mostly off-camber rocky ascent.

Did I mention the many switchbacks? It's a necessety when you try and build trails on a steep mountain. Keith was mastering them today, and I did ok on most of them going up. Down is a whole different story.

Continuing up brings in the front range views.

Some rest befor the nastiest fall-line section and another view.

This was a tough one and the picture doesn't really show it.

More switchbacks!

A smile says a thousand words!

Time to head down.

Short but sweet and a fitting beginning to Father's Day and ending to the wee.

amar la vida de dos niner
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I'd have to agree that that's a SuperMoto.

Thanks for sharing the pics! That's a nice area that I got to visit a couple of times, two years ago. I agree: switchbacks can be pretty tricky! I definitely was more comfortable climbing them than descending them, though my riding-mate at the time could fly down them like nobody's business.

(I'd say it was his Yeti, but I have no doubt that such a talented/poised rider could do them on just about anything.)
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