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Peace 9r 1x9

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is anyone else here running their gt peace as a 1x9?

just wondering what size rear derailleurs [short, medium or long cage] everyone else has used and any advantages of one over the other???

while the stock deore shifter and rear derailleur work perfectly fine, i am just so used to using the thumb operated sram x7 shifters on my other bikes that i am swapping the shifter and derailleur ...

after a bit of research i am going with the x9 shortcage rear derailleur ...
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Post this in the 29er thread and you will get more feedback. Heaps of info on 1x9 over there generally. Also search some other 1x9 bikes and see what they are running. I'm pretty sure a lot of them are running long cages such as the El Mariachi 1x9 which is standard on them.
good thought! will do that ...
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