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PBE Seminar

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Hey folks.

I'm on my way to PBE. Going to be giving a seminar on Saturday afternoon on Modern Bicycle Design and Engineering.

Will be meeting up afterwards at the local Starbucks for more granular topics.

Check it out!

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Will be meeting up afterwards at the local Starbucks ...
Not a proper pub? This is why I'm not a framebuilder...
I'd come if I were on that side of the country.
I would like to watch, but I am not going to Philly. Are there any plans for filming so others can watch after the show?
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It was taped. Not sure who was recording it.
was a good talk.
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Any chance to see this video online?
Subscribed for an answer to this.
PVD may know. I know Bike Rumor was there. May have been them but have now seen anything posted.
It sure would be nice to be able to watch or listen the talk.
I'm told that the video may be released next week or so. Will update.
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Audio files have issues. Should be fixed in a few hours.
My favorite part is the gasp in the room when you started talking about guns.
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