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So some folks purchased 1100 acres in NVT to build out a pay to ride bike park called Victory Hill. The increase in traffic to this tiny town of 100ppl was causing issues. Some animals were run over and killed, and the residents were not that stoked on the new destination being billed as the best new riding area in the state, right around the corner from the Kingdom Trails, who boasts 100,000 visitors a summer to their trail network.

The Victory Town Select Board asked the district act 250 representatives to review the project and determine if an Act 250 Permit was required for this type of development and the opinion issues by a judge was yes.
act 250...
The opinion....

It's hard to say what the state-wide implications might be. I would imagine that the land managers are somewhere in the process of appealing this opinion, but in the mean time they have suspended all access to the trails.

I am curious what other states have in place and what permitting is needed to break ground with excavators, put in parking lots, for a commercial, pay to play bike park, if any.

The dialogue being shaped on social media is that this is some great injustice being done by the state's "Misuse" of this oversight. When I read the act 250 requirements, it seems quite clear to me that building out bike parks as revenue streams definitely falls under Act 250.

Does this seem excessive for you trail builders from elsewhere?
Vermont MTB assn. has been totally silent here so I'm reaching out to get a better sense of how other states operate.
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