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Pawl hub gear failures ?

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Not sure if I have the terminology corect but I am reffering to the gear / teeth inside the hub shell. I have had two hubs now where the gear spins inside the hub shell. The first hub was a Ringle DH now my Halo Supa Drive :madman: I don't consider myself a strong pedaller but both failed on moderate climbs. Anyone else experience this ? I went with the Halo Supa Drive to save some $$ and still have high engagement.
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Have you serviced either hub at any stage. The inside of the freehub has light grease/heavy oil which lubes the pawls, allowing them to spring out and engage when you pedal. If (when) it gets contaminated with muck then the pawl only comes out a small way, and the more brittle edge eventually will be sheared off, and the hub fail to engage at all. There are replacement parts, but a stitch in time saves 9
Yup sounds like worn pawls, worn springs, and or its dirty/contaminated. I would have a look see inside for sure.
Not a pawl issue, pawls & springs are fine. The pawl ring gear that is threaded / pressed into the hub shell is spinning.
Then I would take it back to where you got from - sound like it could be a warranty case (they happen to all levels of hub)
I had the same thing happen a new set of wheels. 1st ride spun/ stripped the threads right out. Was pretty upset !! Builder sent out another one and I swapped it out. Not sure if it was a fluke? I do have aluminum hubs as well. Never had any issues with my old Shimano Steel hubs.
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