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Sunday i headed up to Bent Creek-Pisgah (asheville) to lend a hand to the BioWheels Crew and Friends Sunday Trail Maintenance gathering. Great weather, and what the world needs now is more Log Rides and Rock Gardens!

todays objective was Wolf Branch trail a nasty stream crossing which has turned into a nasty little bog. Thanks to the crew for making this outsider feel welcome! sorry can't remember everyones names. Kodus to Mike Brown for the discovering the motherload of rock in the woods, and that log too. the work turned out great.

Sorry couldn't keep the pace of the post work ride. Big Boy+Big Bike doesn't = Speed especially climbin'! I can ride all day long, but at a snails pace.
Had a great ride though, up IFG to 5pts the on up to BH and then down to Sidehill then back up to 5pts then back down IFG then down to our handy work! very cool. thanks again for letting me join the gang. see ya next time! (i'll bring others)


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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