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Passing through ... what to ride?

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Taking a road trip from Denver. Got into Vernal this morning and bumped into Troy at Altitude. He pointed me to the trails out by the McCoy corral. Ended up doing about 20 miles out there this afternoon. Some truly amazing single track!

Heading west towards Yosemite then up to Tahoe. Where should I stop on the way out there? I was thinking of just stopping in Park City and finding a bike shop?

Thanks !

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Your plan is good - if you want to ride all day, then ask them to tell you how to get to Guardsmans and ride the Crest to Mid Mountain and back to Guardsman. Have fun.
That in SLC?

Just got to Park City a few minutes ago...looking for a place to ride and camp for the night.

Any good shops in ParkCity?

Mid Mountain is in Park City, Crest is between Park City and Big Cottonwood.

Shop - White Pine

Camping - go over guardsman pass (where I said to ride) camp at Spruces or Redman campgrounds in Big Cottonwood. Cheapest place that is still close to Park City.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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