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Pardon this 'cross-post', going to be in two states.

Visiting area from 4/9-4/14

Planning a little road trip from Vegas to Arizona and back.
Looking for sweet singletrack anywhere it may be.

Wanna 'shred' the area with me for a week? A few days? An afternoon? Get in touch.

About me:

Mostly sane, 43 (but 25 in dog years), fit, male, most would label me as a medium to fast rider, love technical stuff, never been to the area but have a ton of GPS tracks and info on trails.

Was hoping to do some shuttle runs, so having two cars would be good. I will have a rental car.

I currently fly into Vegas on 4/8 (at night). Was contemplating doing some riding out there 4/9, then work my way over to the Sedona area. Nothing is set in stone.. yet.

Message me, would like to meet people to ride with for next week!

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