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Wanna 'shred' the area with me for a week? A few days? An afternoon? Get in touch.

About me:

Mostly sane, 43 (but 25 in dog years), fit, male, most would label me as a medium to fast rider, love technical stuff, never been to the area but have a ton of GPS tracks and info on trails.

Looking for sweet singletrack anywhere it may be.

Was hoping to do some shuttle runs in BCT and Prescott, Flagstaff... so having two cars would be good. I will have a rental car.

I currently fly into Vegas on 4/8 (at night). Was contemplating doing some riding out there 4/9, then work my way over to the Sedona area. Nothing is set in stone.. yet.

Message me, would like to meet people to ride with for next week!

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