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Because of the content, I thought the DH board might be more appropriate, but since picture threads have been discussed here recently, I saw an All Mountain opportunity. Besides, the AM board needs a photo injection so it doesn't become the second 29er forum (not that there's anything wrong with that!;) )

On Independence Day, Bleu, Chuky and JMH drove up to Deer Valley for some lift assisted riding. NCS was closed for maintenance and practice for the upcoming Norba, but there are still a lot of fun and challenging trails on the upper mountain. After warming up on the Homeward Bound bridgework, we headed to Aspen Slalom for some tree-dodging practice. We ate a quick AM bag-lunch (Red Bull and Ham Hoagies... every good AM rider knows that Mtn Dew cans are too bulky to carry in the camel back) at the top of the Wasatch Lift. Then it was off to Fire Swamp for some full-bore fun.

Pics are of JMH (in black polo shirt, looking like a football coach rocking the big HT), Bleu (full DH gear, only AM in spirit today) and Chuky, boldly flying the AM flag in her silver Pearl Izumi XC shoes and XC helmet.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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