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Day 11 - Hartmans Rocks again

I had been planning on riding the Monarch Crest Trail today, but the shuttle company had rung to say no one else was doing it and the conditions were not great so that ride was scratched off my list.

I headed down into town and visited the Alpineer to see if they had any chain devices that would stop my chain from dropping and getting stuck, they did have one which i fitted to my bike

I then went to ride Strand Hill trail, but on getting to the trail head found i had forgotten my paper maps and had no gpx track, so after getting lost and almost getting arrested for trespassing, (Make sure your 100% sure that your on an Authorized MTB trail when you ride in this area !!!) - I then headed down to Hartmans rocks and rode down there instead.....

At Hartmans i parked at the Bambi's trail head and headed u that trail to sawtooth trail

It was a nice warm sunny day today, and the Hartmans rocks trails were great, the new 27.5 " wheels seemed to roll over the rocky bit's better than the 26" bike did

I then headed up the Back In trail

and over to Enchanted Forest trail which i headed down

From there i headed up a dirt road to the skyline trail and headed down that trail

The sun started to go down as i rode along the rocky ridge trail - i was prepared with my lights though

From Rocky ridge i joined onto Becks and then rode back up to the skyline trail, and then back down Bambi's to the SUV. I didnt stay out too late as it did get quite cold with the sun down.

Day 12 - Deep Creek Trail - Telluride

I left Crested Butte fairly early and headed to Cortez, when I got to the turning for Telluride I found that the weather conditions were good for Mountain Biking. So i decided to ride the Deer Creek trail, this time I did have a paper map my no GPX track.I parked on the last dollar road and rode down toward Telluride along the bike path, I manged to over shoot the turning for the trail and rode into the town before looking at my map and turning around.
After a climb up Mill Creek Rd, I turned off on the Eider Creek Trail - I must admit to doing a lot of hike a bike up this trail , the high altitude really got my heart pumping going up this trail- It would have been a lot of fun going down this section of trail

The Deep Creek trail it self had some great views where it passed through avalanche zones

It was a good trail to do if you like riding through Aspen trees

Along the way i came across quite a few Elk and could hear the Elk Bugleing

Towards the end of the deep creek trail i met a local rider out on a ride and he pointed me in the direction of some nice singletrack whcih would eventually dump me out on the last dollar road

The descent back down the road was quite cold as the sun now behind mountain peaks. The Deep Creek trail was a nice ride even with the major hike-a-bike up the Eider trail.

Any one out there got any suggestions as to best way to get up to the Deep Creek and then ride down the Edier trail ? without so much hike a bike ?

I then drove to Cortez.

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Keep it coming! Epic rides every day -- amazing -- both that you have the stamina/endurance for long, challenging high altitude rides and that you take the time for great photos en route.
I noticed on your website that Sand Canyon near Cortez was one of your four favorite rides.
Sand Canyon was one of my go-to hikes for many years when I lived in the area pre-mountain bike, so I hope you'll post some Sand Canyon pictures in the next day or two; it should be
perfect riding weather this time of year.
It seems Sand Canyon is always eclipsed by Phil's World, but it is gorgeous red rock country that shouldn't be overlooked.
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