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Parker/Fox shocks Info

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Just thought I'd pass along the info to anyone putting a rp23 or other fox shock on a parker I frame. After ordering 2 mounting kits from to remain un-named bike sites and having them not fit properly I called Fox up and found out why. Apparently Jamis decided to be different and use a 10mm bolt whereas everyone else uses a 6 or 8mm bolt. So where other kits use a standard 22mm 2/3 piece kit we have to order a special kit from Fox that has an adapter sleeve to accomodate the larger diameter bolt (its a m6 just 10mm diameter which is the weird part). They are the only ones that carry the correct kit. Good news is I got the entire kit with new bushings for $36 shippped, which was actually cheaper then the off-brand kits. You'll need to reuse your stock bolts obviously. When you call Fox make sure you let them know its the 3 piece sleeve kit, the guy warned me most will probably assume you need the standard 22mm kit unless they actually look up the kit by bike type. When the kit arrives I'll update the post with part #.
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Usually you need to order the bushings and sleeves from the shock manufacturer. I know for Fox and RockShox you tell them what shock/frame you want to use and they'll set you up. Glad it worked out for you. I put a Van R coil on my 08 Parker. works awesome.
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