Park Tool continues to make your life easier with 30+ new offerings for 2015 including their Internal Cable Routing Kit, Disc Brake Mount Facing Set, and Dummy Hub.

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Park Tool Director of Education Calvin Jones and Engineer Max Wunderlich take a break from Interbike 2014 to walk us through the litany of updates to Park Tool's 2015 line.

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The new TS-2.2P Powder Coated Truing Stand offers all the same functionality as Park Tool's chrome truing stand, but with a powder-coated finish, providing a lower price point.

The DW-2 Derailleur Clutch Wrench is a drivetrain wrench designed to adjust Shadow Plus clutch derailleurs.

The DH-1 Dummy Hub slides into rear dropouts and replaces the rear wheel, allowing for chain cleaning and transport. The design on the DH-1 allows the bike to be shifted and ensures the wheel is out of the way creating ample space for a thorough cleaning. A 12mm shaft ensures compatibility with any thru-axle.

Designed to accommodate fat tire bikes, the Extra Wide Storage Hooks are available in machine thread and wood thread options.

DT-5 Disc Brake Mount Facing Set - Park Tools's new post mount disc brake facing kit is designed for bikes with brakes mounted on the chainstay.

The CP-1 Chain Whip Pliers replaces a chain whip and can be used with one hand to hold cassettes solidly.

Park Tool's new simple-but-brilliant IR-1 Internal Routing Kit uses magnets to easily route your internal cables. The kit includes 3 unique fittings designed to thread electrical cables, brake and shifter cables and housings, and liners.

Gallery: Park Tool TS-2.2P, DW-2, SZR-1, DT-5, TWB-15 and CP-1

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