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I recently got this tool.
and its awesome!

other than the obvious, it pulls off crown races nice and clean...

i discovered another use for it!

I'm removing a Truvativ carbon Stylo with the outboard bearings...

easy enough, right...

remove non-drive side
now push spindle thru drive side cup....uhhh...not so quick....???

i found that there is a bearing race on the non-drive side of the spindle, pressed into place just past the splines, which prevents the crank/spindle assembly from going past the drive-side outboard bearing cup.

so i used the Crown Race Puller to, pull the non-drive side bearing race off of the spindle.

use a 3/4" drive socket set extension to place against the BB spindle, and the "pressing disc" inside the crown race puller.

adjust the "blades" of the Crown Race Puller to fully engage the seat of the bearing race.

turn the handle, and the bearing race pulls right off.

now the spindle can go thru the drive side outboard bearing cups

and now you can use BBT-9 to remove the cup.


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I just replaced the bearings on a Stylo crankset. No tools were needed to pull that bearing race, it just slid off easily. Bearings were replaced with Enduros. Much nicer to spin now. :thumbsup:
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