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I am sorry to say but it now looks like the St. Francis Sports Medicine Paris Mt DH and Super D race is canceled for this year. Due to lack of Sponsorship $$ (we do have just not what we need at this time), we have decided to hold off till next year. The board will be meeting soon to look at dates for the possibility of a early Spring Race in 2011. Understand our overall goal has been to raise $$ to add a much needed trail at the park. Last year’s event was great and I feel the race went smoothly, but the event didn’t profit much to help the cause. When I first set out to put this event on I would have not been able to do it without the help of the UpState SORBA Group. They have been great!!!! So in respect to our board I will side with them if they feel it’s not right to put it on at this time. We are regrouping with all our great sponsors and looking at our options for the 2011 race. Our goal is to grow the event to help profit the cycling community here in Greenville SC and make it a place known to all cyclist across the nation. To be able to give back to our sport!!!! Myself and the board don’t want you to get discouraged about our decision and understand we want to keep the event ongoing for years to come.

I want to say a big thanks to St. Francis Sports Medicine and all our great $$ and product sponsors from the years past.

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