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Pants for cold weather recommendation

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It has been uncommonly cold here lately with sustained temperatures below freezing. Normally it only stays this cold for short periods of time.

What pants do you wear when it gets this cold? I want to make sure I get something that will not make me overly hot, but I also need something that will allow me to stay warm enough in these temperatures.

Shirts and jackets are easier since I can easily take them off, or just put the zipper down. Pants is where I'm struggling.
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Hey DavidR1. I live in Winnipeg, where it has been -40C (-40F) with the windchill for several weeks now. This is my second year winter commuting and this is what I have been wearing this year -
Baselayer: Craft Windstopper pants and shirt. These keep the nasty wind out and breath. They are both quite light but have kept me plenty warm while riding.
Pants: Gore Bike Wear Fusion pants. Both windproof and rainproof. They also breath quite nicely and keep the cold air out.
For a jacket, I have a Sugoi TI softshell that is good down to about -20C (-4F) and after that I pull a hardshell overtop.
On my feet, I wear Louis Garneau Zero Ergogrips with the winter covers when it gets really cold. And for my hands, I have medium-loft Black Diamond thermal gloves with leather and wool mitts over top for the deep freeze. Hope that helps. I find the secret to happiness is wearing layers and as little as needed for freedom of movement.
Wool tights/thermals under any nylon/polyester outer layer - basically same as when I go snowboarding, but the outer layer is thinner for riding and not waterproof.

If you want quick take-off, then get an outer layer that can be put on/taken off with shoes on - I have one for hiking that's from Sierra Designs that has full-length zippers along both sides with velcro tabs.
These dont restrict your movement at all, and look good in my opinion (on me anyway)
i like to wear a pair of midweight tights under a pair of Mt Borah Freedom pants. if it's really nasty out then i'll throw on a pair of Louis Garneau rain pants, so with those 3 layers on my legs are pretty much going to be warm no matter how cold it gets.
To the OP, how cold are you talking about? I'm sure FoxTower gear is great for Winnepeg but may be over kill for VA.
I ride the same trails in Chesterfield you do and I got a pair of Performance mid weight tights I wear under my Zoic knickers and I do just fine, even last weekend when it was 18*.
I live in Southern Ontario, Canada. I wear Sugoi windproof bib tights over my regular bib shorts. I've been out for 2 hours at -10oC, -19oC windchill and was fine. Your feet and hands will go cold before your lower half does. I wear Shimano winter boots and wool socks. They work pretty good.
bloodyknee said:
To the OP, how cold are you talking about? I'm sure FoxTower gear is great for Winnepeg but may be over kill for VA.
That is kind of my problem. Trying to get enough warmth without going overboard. I will try the Performance midweight tights and see how that works out.
I wear mid-weight running tights over my regular cyclling shorts. This has kept me warm down to 20F, and probably would be good even lower. My legs would be the last thing to get an additional layer in colder temps.

I was once upon a time a cold weather runner, so I had the pants on hand. I don't ride in cold rain, but if I were to do so, I'd simply put my uninsulated Gore-tex pant shells over my running pants.

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