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On 23rd July 2006 at 10 am in the beautiful mountain top village of Paluma we will start the Paluma Push for the 5th time.
What started as an idea of 2 guys who love their MTBiking in Northern Queensland Australia has blossomed into an iconic sports event.
Peter Mclean and myself knew the area of Paluma (aboriginal for thunder) to Hidden Valley had some superb trails as well as exciting vistas and varying terrain.We had been riding the area for the previous 10 years.....and always returned with a smile on our face.
Five years ago at the inaugral event we had 60 starters.....this year we expect to hit over 200.....
The most rewarding part of the experience has been the relationship we have developed with the local firies and SES who,man our checkpoints and radio coms.They do an outstanding job and as the Paluma/Hidden Valley community is only tiny it's "all hands on deck"
The trail's been chosen or Fun Factor...we really arent interested in making it the world's hardest most of our riders are weekend warriors the FUN FACTOR is what brings them all back. Water bars,long dowhhill sections and increasing amounts of downhill single track are what we all want,so we try to give it to them.But with at least 42k's to complete it tries the fittest of legs.Some kids completed the event on BMX bikes so it's not too hard.
Free t shirts water bottles and sausage sizzle make the whole thing good value.CU there talk to your local bike shop or visit Rockwheelers web site for info.It's a pasionate affair for riders everywhere........
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