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Palos Trails

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Finally, I set foot and biked on the orange trail. I have been looking at the map for years now. I have been looking forward to this, the trail is well maintained (Kudos CAMBR!!!). Although I got lost as the orange trail meets the hi way, tracked back to the parking lot (making that shortcut via red trail) at the MB staging area, I met Mike who was kind enough to show me the orange trail. Now I know it by heart, any Mike if your wanderlust brings you to Northeast Minnesota (Duluth) I will pay you back for your kindness. One person (me) happier today because of the kindness of the stranger on the trail.
Thanks again Mike and CAMBR.
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Back again

Back again today (Saturday), took the orange trail again, once. Rested a bit at the staging area. Then I explored the brown trail connecting to the orange trail then eventually took the green then to the blue trail. The latter has great climbs although short. I did this (blue) trail back in 2002 prior to our move to Duluth, MN. The once (I remembered) rutted area (must have been from water run off then) had been smoothed out with limestone rocks. My tires felt it was not suited for that loose gravel (not a criticism to the trail maintenance). But overall it was a blast, I will be going back to Duluth now, back to my good old Hartley Trail. I've never seen so much biker in the trail no accidents occured, well and good.
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