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painting a jamis?

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Ok I have been thinking about painting my xlt this upcoming winter and I want to know will it void the warrenty? it is a ***** to get the paint off? and any suggestions on what color I should do? I have the 03 1.0 which is that primer gray/black color. My two choices are a dark metalic gray with some back or silver or just plain white. I have always loved white bikes.
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as far as I know, Jamis bikes are annodized, not sure about the 03's but the 05's are. so you would need a BIG tub and i think Drano crystals or somehting like that to strip the anno. i saw many of these types of threads on paintball forums.

After you figure out the anodizing issue, I'd suggest getting the frame powdercoated. I had my C-dale road bike soda blasted & powdercoated in a gold metallic and it turned out fantastic. Supposedly, powdercoating is tougher than paint so on a mountainbike you might be happier in the long run.
Im not so sure on Jamis bikes but most other brands will void your warranty if you paint your bike.
NOT anodized...

2005 XLT's are not anodized.

I second the powder coating recommendation.
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