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Paint problem on HiFi, what would you do?

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I took my seat off the other day to clean my bike and noticed this. It ticks me off. I don't really see it, but is the paint going to keep coming off? What I overreacting? What would you do? The bike is less than a year old and I have had the stock seatpost and clamp on it.


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Put the seatpost clamp back on and go back out and ride.
Your post was hilarious, I am laughing. Part of me wanted to tell you to f-off (the way friends say that to each other). But maybe you are right. Thanks.
Email the same pic to Gary Fisher/Trek and ask if this is normal for the paint to look like this on your bikes. See where that takes you. Yes, OK, go and ride too. ;)
mines covered in mud and scratches from riding. my seatpost clamp however has turned a really cool copper color that others are trying to imitate. go cover it with mud and not worry about it.
If it's less than a year old, then the paint is still under warranty.
I always tell the guys with new bikes in the shop that are wiping them down and waxing them up to take their beautiful paint jobs, go out in the parking lot, and toss the bike across the asphalt as far as they can throw it. The bike is now scratched so they can relax when they crash on the trail.
i've had my mako for a week and already have a lot of scratches on it from my bike rack and riding lol and sure i would like to keep the paint nice, if not o well it's aluminum and wont rust anyway....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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