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Pagosa Springs trails

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Time for our annual multi-family vacation to Pagosa Springs. 5 bikes on the hitch rack and one strapped to the top with the rooftop cargo bag. We'll look like the Beverly Hillbillies on vacation, but we'll have a bike for everyone in the family and I'll have both my MTB and one of my road bikes, so goodness abounds.

I understand there are some good trails in the area, but don't see any listed in the reviews. We're specifically looking for

1) A beginner level trail suitable for introducing several kids on Wal Mart bikes to off-roading. Four enthusiastic 8-10 year old boys and a couple of semi-enthusiastic 7-8yo girls.

2) An intermediate or moderately advanced trail suited for a roadie with occasional XC tendencies, but an aversion to broken bones. :)

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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Check out a local bike shop.

There are several very good books that are specifically about the Pagosa Springs area, that list tons of rides of all skill levels. Or, just ask the people who work at the bike shop, they should be able to point you inthe right direction. I recommend the bike shop across the main bridge in the middle of town. Im not sure of its name, but it is really good and they know the area very well.
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