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Hey Squeek,

Would you be up for a Epic ride this Friday night? When I say Epic...I say it not in the sense of what we went through this past Saturday. ;) Epic on this ride is more of a elevation gain thing since the climb is all on a fire road and the 40+mph descent is on pavement for 22 miles. Here are the specifics:


Midnight Riders,

It's that time of year again to ride by the light of the moon. For those
unfamiliar with this route, we start at the base of Fall River Road in
Rocky Mountain National Park (park cars at Lawn Lake trailhead), climb a
few thousand feet (5000 ft actually) on a scenic one lane dirt road to the Alpine Visitor
Center where Fall River Road intersects Trail Ridge Road. Then we climb
a few more miles on Trail Ridge Road (all paved) to a little over 12000
feet and descend for about 22 miles back to the cars. The moonlit
snowfields should be beautiful. So far the weather looks good for
Friday. No thunderstorms in the forecast.

I'd like to target departure from Lawn Lake trailhead at around 8:30pm on Friday. This probably means for everyone to aim to be up there at about 8pm. We can determine carpooling later on, but one car pooling group will be meeting at the school on Highway 34 & Masononville Road at 7:15pm.

Some items to bring:
- headlight and taillight (you'll get pulled over if you don't have
these on Trail Ridge, as some of us already know)
- warm clothes in case it's chilly at the top (tights, windbreaker)
- enough water for 1.5 - 2 hours of climbing (camelback?)
- a couple of energy bars or your food of choice
- light colored sunglasses for wind protection during the descent
- mountain bike or cross bike
- the usual biking stuff


Any interest?


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Yes and No.

I'd love to do it but am heading to Maryland to see my bro who just had twins. Will be gone Friday night through Sunday. Let's hook up when I get back.
How's Ron? My ribs still hurt. I bet I have a small fracture but it hasn't kept me from riding the bone the past 3 days :)
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