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Paging NRS owners 2004 frames

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Are all of the pivots ont he 2004 GIANT NRS frames cartridge ball bearings including the dropout pivot (horst link)? Or do some frames still have the flange bushing/spacer sleeve combo?
Is it possible to do a retrofit to prior year NRS frames? Or is the dropout pivot designed in a way it can't be done?
Pictures of the new frames would be helpful!!
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Yes the 2004 frame has industrial bearings on all pivot points, but I don't think it's backwards-compatible as the geometry has been changed from 2003 to 2004.

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Well at least they finally did it.

Do you know if the pivot bolt at the dropout is different than previous years? That would make a retrofit much more difficult and not worth the effort.

It will improve the working life of the suspension significantly. Someone has already inquired about getting a full bearing replacement set for this frame. They gave me the part number on the side of the beaing for the dropout. It is not something I could find right away, so I'm letting my California supplier hunt it down. Hopefully it's not a custom bearing, and I will be abel to get a supply of them. It will much less expensive than the bushing/sleeve units on the pre-2004 frames.

If I am able to get some, I will look into a retrofit for the older frames. Hopefully I can work something out that doesn't require any machining of the frame.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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