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Paging All HH125 Riders (help needed)!

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Any HH125 riders out there? I need your help with sizing. It appears that I am a bit of a 'tweener, size-wise and would like to pick your brains about your HH125 experiences. On the one hand, I could probably fit on to a 22.5" with a 120mm stem, but I could also ride a 23" with a 100mm or 110mm stem.

I'm wondering if anyone has gone up or down in their stem size on this bike and whether you noticed the change in handling.

I'm an intermediate rider and am committed to learning to do 3' to 4' drops, but I also like the challenge of a technical climb.

Any input would be appreciated.

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I suppose that it would depend on your measurements (height, inseam, arm length, etc...) and personal preference (if you would prefer a more compact or stretched out cockpit)...also, I guess that there may be some tradeoff between handling and stability given the change in wheelbase. Having said that, I had to make a similar choice (being 5' 10.5" I was between the 23" and 23.5" sizes...I chose 23.5" w/110mm stem). Of course, you should discuss this with Charles, but I would recommend going with the 23" fram an 100/110mm stem.
When in between, I always recommend the larger frame, paired with a slightly shorter stem. Just seems to result in a better overall package. The shorter stem will definitely help your learning curve on bigger drops. Easier to keep that front end up!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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