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Pagging Ska Todd It Happend Again

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Todd I very recently posted a thred titled happy hollowpoint owner but it did happen again i cracked the team replacement frame. Can i send it back myself or will I have to send it through a LBS. I originally purchased the bike from supergo. Back in october of 03 that was the expert frame. the replacement frame was an 03.5 team frame witch lasted for six months and was received by me back in febuary of 04 the first frame last approximatly for 3 months and the replacement lasteds for 6 months. I dont know what it is about that frame (i love the way it handels and feels out on the trail) but am very discouriged its the second time and more than likely a differant bach of frames. I'm told that the 04 frames are being assembled by a differant welding process and also that the tubes are being butted furth up the tubes for additional strenth and that that It is solving the problm
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You can browse the board messages and find a post "oh no it happened again". I'm sure that Iron Horse will take care of the probalem as they did with the others listed there. Give Bruce a call or send him an email and I'm sur he will get it under way for you. ;)
replacement frame

I have now had the frame gone for 2 weeks now. And upon talking to Bruce he said that IH would replace the frame with the 04 black warranty frame. well upon talking to Bruce this past friday Bruce said that IH was out of the 04 warranty frames and that IH would send me an 03 frame again. (not very happy about it but Bruce also said that as soon as they receive some more of the 04 warranty frames in that IH would send me another replacement) I am ok with that. Its just that i am getting tired of paying shipping and I dont really mind doing my own builds cause i get them set up the way I like them but i would rather be rideing. Hay maybe IH would love to give up one of the new MK-III frames for replacement to me and that would be fine but I seriously doudt that they would. Allthough IH, Bruce, and Todd have been very helpfull in remidieing my problem I just want a frame that will last so that I can get back to riding instead of getting beat up on my old Hardtail IH customer service has been great and I am very pleased with there frames as far as handeling and ride quality go (they are tops) but can i maybe get something like a t shirt or something for all of my down time (second time now and as of today a total of six weeks without the bike) thats way to long for me. Well I dont want to dis IH and I dont think I am. I just want my bike back so I can ride.
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I'm the one that started the post "oh no, it happened again" and have received my '04 replacement frame. Have only put on 50 miles or so, but so far it is riding great. I can empathize with Jan R, I too hate the down time and just want to ride. But it sure is nice being kept up to date by the folks at IH. I hope you get your replacement frame soon!
Hey Jan... Ya know if you were close, I'd loan you my Trek 6000 to tie you over ;) I do understand your frustration and went thru it myself for with one frame. IH was great and fortunately I haven't had to deal with that issue again. I guess that's because I decided to keep riding my trek Y33 since it was working fine and build the IH when I have time ( I have had the frame since mid July). But I wanted to let you know something as well. I rode with a bud the other day and I brought the issue about my frame and how great IH handled it. He looked at me and said " I have purchased 2 Klein bikes, and have had 7 frames replaced, and it was a mega stress each time:.I was told by another poster once... At least IH cares about the people that ride their bikes and do take the time to talk to each indivuidual and address each rider. That's kinda nice. But I do understand your concern about the 03' frame, the down time and the cost of shipping. Shoot.. if it happens after this frame replacement, maybe we'll take a pool for ya :D
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urmindseye said:
I have purchased 2 Klein bikes, and have had 7 frames replaced, and it was a mega stress each time:
Yeah, warranty replacement stuff can be full of pitfalls and stress. When my Fisher frame cracked, I hauled it in to the LBS from where I purchased it. They gave me a little grief because I tore it down already, which either (a) technically voids a warranty or (b) eats into their profit since now they can't charge me for labor to tear down then rebuild the bike.

Turns out that there the broken frame sat, boxed up and awaiting a call tag to be sent from Trek in Wisconsin. Shoot, when I found that out I was pretty upset and told them I'd come down and pay for the damn shipping myself -- but then the shipper brought the prepaid tag by and took it on its way.

Once the frame got to Trek the process took another month. After hearing nothing, I got a 4-1-1 directory listing for Trek in Waterloo, started making calls and finally spoke to someone who shouldn't have been talking to me, but filled me in on frame status and actually gave me a color choice in the warranty frame (!!!) since they had to paint the rear triangle (part of the delay -- understandable and actually kinda cool).

When the frame finally got back to me 7 weeks later, things were a mess. On my new 3 model year younger replacement frame:

* Fisher changed to new geometry, so I needed a shorter stem.
* Seat post diameter increased.
* Seat post collar diameter changed.
* Shock stroke and length changed, but then changed back, but now the spacers were different.
* Front derailleur clamp style & diameter increased.

I also neglected to knock out my headset cups from the broken frame, so a new headset was in order.

Other than the initial two week shipping delay, none of this was really anyone's fault nor unavoidable -- the reality was, my frame was warrantied, but not all the components stapled to it.

Just sucked that after nearly two months with no wheels, I had to go on a small parts buying binge to get everything into working order.

The moral is broken frames are inevitable, the whole situation sucks (especially with no backup ride), and a responsive company like IH certainly helps make a bad situation better.
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talked to Bruce at IH again today and my replacement 03 frame shipped out today should have it back up and running on monday or tuesday of next week.Bruce also assured me that i am on the list to receive an 04 warranty frame as soon as they receive them and that they will ship one to me as soon as they can so the 03 frame will work for a good loaner frame for now. Ih customer servise is very good and would like to thank Bruce again for takeing care of this matter and also takeing the time to BS a little about the new 05 frames. He also did say that the MK III frames are all 5 in travel bikes and made for the bigger hits. says that they will be able to handle all the 4 foot drops unlike the 02 and 03 Hollowpoint frames that are primarely cross country frames. also says that they will weigh in similare to the hollowpoints of the past and for all the azure lovers that they should be under the 25 pound mark possibly in the 23 pound range wich is right with all the other highend manufactures. got to give IH a hand for building top notch bikes even if I had a couple of frames crack on me. will keep you all posted on the progress and first ride when I receive the frame Oh yea and for all of you that are running the tubless set up that came on the 03 frames ive put stans no tubes sealer in them and put 4 ounces in each tire and they have not gone flat for over 2 weeks now. so if you have thought about running it in your tubless tires go for it its 15 $ well spent and alot left to do about 8 more tires the stuff works great and it beats airing up your tires everyday.
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Ah jeez, if you'd have said up front you were hitting 4-footers...

Wheeeeeee... *snap!*
Speed?e said:
Ah jeez, if you'd have said up front you were hitting 4-footers...

Wheeeeeee... *snap!*
speedd never said i was hitting the 4 footers cause i generally dont but upon talking to bruce today he said that the new MK III will be able to take that kind of rideing to wich I have seen alot of posts asking if the 03 hollowpoints were capable of takeing that abuse thought I made that clear in my last post SORRY and was just trying to inform from first hand info from IH to other readers
urmindseye said:
Jan.. I for one appreciate the info. ;)
Thanks for the support urmindseye as u no i dont ride the big stuff but the very technical and its all good. also stans does work great hope you get a chance to try it. Its 15 well spent $$$ got it from price point. Have a good one.
update to warrenty frame

Got the frame back on Tuesday as Bruce said it probly would be. The hurricane did not hold up shipping. picked it up at around 2:30 and had to unpack it at the LBS. I got home and started the build (everything went well and was playing around on it by 4;30) and allready had it dialed in. everything went well and I didnt even have to align the derailer hanger (as i did on the last warrenty frame) rough shipping . they sent me another 03.5 team frame with gray paint and the yellow markings so it matched the other. evrything fills great and Im waiting on the trails to reopen due to the past hurricane that past through that closed all of are local trails. Cant wait to get some miles on it now. Now also if IH sends me the 04 Waranty frame (as Bruce said Im on the waiting list) I have a very good loaner frame. I can deal with this in a very positive way and enjoy it (without having to do without) do to IH exellent customer service and getting me a replacement frame in a very timely manner. Hats off to Bruce and IH.
A very satisfied IH customer
Jan R Tampa Fl
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