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First time at Pacifica/Grey Whale Cove in like six months today.
Saw fresh Oakland diamonds as I drove into the parking lot. Thought, sucks, maybe happened overnight.

Parked on right hand side on the lot. Rode from around 11am-2pm. When got back to car, saw another, super fresh pile of diamonds a couple parking spots over. Thought I was JMP for a second.

Maybe this stuff happens every summer then just naturally fades. Either way, be extra careful with your car stuff there.
Also noticed lots more trash on the ground. Hopefully just a blip too.

BTW, Two Pines is running legit sketchy right now. Extra exposed jagged rocks and supa loose dirt on those switchbacks. If you can make it down this, you are awesome! (I am not).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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