Earlier this year, Kirk Pacenti sent us home with a 650b wheel set built up with his TL28 rims. The wheels were built up with Chris King hubs and DT spokes and it was perfect for all our 650b bike tests and bike conversion projects. Over the past few months, we've logged dozens of hours on them using many different frames and platforms. We've mounted them tubed and tubeless and used them on many adventures.

The rims in 650b size have a claimed weight of 409 grams. They have an external width of 28 mm (hence the name) and an internal width of 23 mm. The specs are quite noteworthy as the the weight is pretty darn light for these wide 650b rim size. Plus the rims have eyelets on this 32 hole tester of ours. Eyelets are often dropped in a lot of lightweight rims but this can result in cracks as the nipple head pulls out of the rim.

The rim itself is not UST tubeless compatible but it seems to set up as tubeless ok as we sealed it up with Schwalbe tires. With Pacenti Neo Moto tires, the fit was way too loose so we did not dare to air it up as this usually results in dangerous setups that can burp or deflate under hard cornering. Tire fit is not very tight even with the Schwalbe's but it aired up ok with a compressor. It wasn't quite as easy as Stans or Mavic rims but it sealed up well without too much effort.

On our months of riding the wheels, it was pretty uneventful. These wheels did the job and they were stiff enough. The Chris King hubs were noisy and the bearings tight but that's realy no fault of the rim. We never flatted but when cleaning the wheels, we noticed a couple good sized dents in them. It's no surprise that if you whack these wheels hard, they will dent. They kept working fine and with disc brakes, it's not really an issue.

So in summary, it's a nice wide rim for the rising 650b wheel platform. It's light and made well enough for All Mountain duty.

https://reviews.mtbr.com/pacenti-tl28-650b-rims/pacenti-tl-28From the manufacturer:

Pacenti TL28 650b Rim

The TL28 is our new, tubeless friendly, high-performance MTB rim.
At 28mm wide and just 420g for the 650b version, the TL28 is AM wide and XC light. Designed for riding everything short of big drops and jumps, the TL28 strikes an excellent balance between a wide cross section and light weight for modern trail bikes

TL28*650b Rim Specifications:
  • Size:650b - ISO 584
  • Width:28.0mm
  • Inner bead width: 23mm
  • Section Height: 18mm
  • ERD: 567mm
  • Weight (650b): 420g
  • Welded Construction
  • Disc only
  • Hole Count: 32
  • Color: Black