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p3 vs chase 1

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I'm looking for a new dj/street bike and I've narrowed it down to either the 06' specialized p3 or the cannondale chase1. I'm planning to do some freeride but mostly dj, street, and the park. The price really doesn't matter right now because I will work for the money, just compare bikes on specs, reliability, and feel. I way about 150 and about 6 feet tall. Please help me out. Thanks, Nick
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You'll most likely need the long p.3 and the large Chase. I'm not real fond of the new enduro-style p.bikes. They ride okay. The Chase 1 with the machined yokes is sick. Handles very nicely. I love it. Ride both, see how you like them. The Chase is definitely sick though.
What about the 05' p3 compared to the 06' chase 1?
yo mtnbkr, the new p3 is da sick ****!!!!, but it my friend bought one and i got to try it at skatepark, and djs, its sooo nice, rides smooth, i cant see why no one likes them their awesome, and they look sexy!, the chase is pretty nice too but......ride them both and see wich one u like better. i would lean more towards the p3, the 06 one
Well the P.3 has horizontal dropouts (maybe chase does too, dont know) which are good especialy if you go singlespeed for street. imo, p.3's look super sick, look way beterr than stp's, but STP's are really great bikes from what I hear sooooo...... TEST RIDE!
I like chases better spec wise but thats just my opinion. P3s are nice but i think that chases just have a higher "bling factor". Ride both of them. if u like them equally then get the chase.
p3 also doesn't have replaceable drops, the chase doesn't have horizontal drops. But horizontal drops can flare out if you really beat on it. Trials-stuf is h3ll on dropouts and disc brake tabs.
I'd go with the P.3

Definitely the P.3. The Chase has an 80 mm suspension fork, but the P.3 has 110 mm. Also, (why you would do this, I'm not sure) the DJ Urban fork, as well as only being on the P.3 (not even Marzocchi sells it, and they make it!) can run pegs. They both run E-13's. The Chase 1 runs a mid-cage derailler, while the P.3 runs a slightly less nice derailler (Chs1=SRAM X.0, P3=SRAM X.9) but it is micro-cage (aka REALLY short). Of course, if you prefer shorter forks , the Chase is what you want. My personal preference is to go with short deraillers and big forks. Apart from the forks, gears, and brake companies, the bikes are basically the same.
You don't need a lot of travel for DJ/Urban riding... A shorter fork will make the angles tighter and steeper. Besides, it's always about quality, not quantity. Hell, a lot of riders are even going full rigid.

The DJ Urban fork is an OEM fork. It's a rebadged DJ3 or DJ2. AKA, crap dampening.

I really don't think you have any idea what you're talking about. The geometry on the Chase is totally dialed. Both frames could have been designed around the respective axle to crown heights of the forks.

The mid-cage x.0 will still provide marginally better shifts than the short cage x.9. The x.9 only has the advantage that it's less likely to smack the ground.
Oh. Them why doesn't the DJ Urban show up on the Marzocchi site?
It's OEM... And it's rebadged... It's the exact same thing as either a DJ2 or DJ3.
But isn't a Dirt Jumper 2 a good fork?
In my opinion. No. Crap dampening.

2003 and earlier. CRACKKKKKKKKk

2004 and 2005. HEAVY

2006 slightly better dampening and shaved some weight

I've had 4 Marzocchi forks, broken 3 of them. Warranty denied. That's some bull. I broke 5 Rockshox forks, and they warrantied every last one. I never had an issue with my Shermans. Now I'm happy as can be with my Pike.
I've heard the Shermans are VERY good. They cost more than some bikes, though. Same with the Pikes. I can't exactly afford this sport/activity/whateveritis, as you can probably see.
Shermans can be had for around 150 used, can't get the TPC+ Fireflies new anyways. Pike can be had new for under 300. Don't know what kind of bike you're looking at for buck and a half.
Have you had a look at
They don't have a TPC+ Sherman Firefly. The have the SPV/SPV Evolve Firefly Plus. And they're overcharging. Those forks have been discontinued.
I don't know much about forks.
I would flip a coin. I dont like the 06 P. frames, I thought 04-05 were a lot better. but the MTX rims and Juict 5 brakes are what take it for me. get the 06 P.3 and take the fork off, see if someone will trade you for a gold label or sherman jumper. the chase is really nice, not as nice of components.
Actually, the only components better on the p3 are the rims and the brakes. Otherwise the Chase has much nicer parts. And the Cannondale frame is nicer.
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