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OverWhelmed newbie.... :(

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Well it's been 2 weeks already researching LED setups....I want to build my own LED setup... I'm planing to have a light setup on the bars and helmet...I feel I need two setups cuz I ride pretty xtreme single tracks... Now if you guys can help me choose the best setup for bar and helmet.... I'm going to order some rectangular Alu...for the housing...with fins and slots for cooling.... I'm very overwhelmed with the options available to build a set up...
So far. XM-L with Regina and h6flex??? Please help.... Thank you...
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Soon I'm going to release some plans for a no-machine housing kit based on Quazzles 20mm light engines and some interesting heat sinks I found. I'm waiting now for the light modules to come so I can get some pictures of everything together.

It is going to be cool. :D
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