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I was fondling a Kelly 29"er SS at their booth and a racer kid rolls up. The Kelly guy, not Chris, the other one, questions him:

Kelly guy: Hey [racer kid's name], how was the race?
Racer kid: Oh, it was great! Do you know where first aid is?

Ride what you want!!
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At the Trogs campground....

Friday before the poker tourney:
Cop: That's illegal.
george: No it's not.

Late Saturday night:
Deep within some tent: Shhhhhhh!!!
Eddy: "I think that was a serious shushing."

Sunday moring over the phone
Eddy: Did you cry when you saw you bike was missing?
Finch: A little.

Saturday at the Jericho booth
Dan'ger: I see you won the Jericho frame.
Kid who won: Yeah, you want to buy it?
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