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Outstanding warranty from Fisher?

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So 5 weeks ago my Gary Fisher Ferrous 2008 29er cracked at the seat tube to top tube junction. I thought "good thing I went with a brand that has a life time warranty!" In addition, my front Rebas were shot cause I had beat them to shite. Fortunately, my Reba's were still under the 1 rear warranty and my LBS contacted Reba and replaced some leakage and seizure issues.

So 6 business days later I received a brand new 2008 frame and rebuilt forks (6 friggin business days, completely reassembled and ridding again..unphenomenal).

I explain that if I had a Chevy Malibu and the engine fails, I wouldn't expect to get the better Corvette drive train that is unusable as a replacement,but if I did I would be ecstatic and sell it on Ebay for more money than my old POS Malibu and probably buy a SingleFly.

So here I am out $50.00 to have my LBS get me a brand new shiny frame, rebuild my forks, and swap out 2 front chainrings to convert to 1X9 (including a N-gear). At a minimum I am out the $50.00 and I had to ride my old 1999 GF 26"". (Which I just paid $50 to have tuned up last month) WA WA WAAAAAAAAA

This is a very helpful warranty to me. :thumbsup:
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I smell...

copious amounts of sarcasm...I could barely finish reading the post through the tears of laughter....I wonder if since I wore through the grips, they'd send me a new wheelset that handled the rough stuff better so I wouldn't have to hold on so tight?
I have a downtube ding on my FR rig from a rockstrike while riding. I think the manufacturer should be ashamed for not making the frame out of solid, forged Al.

They are also responsible for the rock.
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