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outcast 29

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got the outcast 29 with flip/flop hub would like to convert front wheel to quick release with out buying new wheel anyone done this is it possible no name of manufucturer on hub thanks
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As long as it has a standard axle size, it is possible(compare it with another wheel perhaps). You will need cone wrenches, grease, the new axle, and of course the skewer. I just got the outcast 29 last week- frame only. I am curious how much yours weighs with the facoiry build-ballpark?
I got mine set up as an SS and it is now at 20.77 lbs but I still need to swap my front tire out and go tubeless. Also waiting for new skewers and bars in the mail so I should be at low 20's or if lucky, 19.something!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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