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Carter Road, horseshoe section, Lakeland, FL


That last drop at around the 2:45 mark? Yea, that did it for me.

It doesnt' look like much, but it's pretty fast and it's way washed out now with no clear line and a huge root drop halfway down, sugar sand at the landing, and a tree stump right in the line I ended up on.

I tried to maneuver when I hit bottom, but used a little too much front brake. The sand grabbed my front wheel and OTB I went at 15-20 mph. I landed hands first, thankfully not breaking my wrists. My girlfriend (on her second mtb ride ever...doing so well too!!!) comes up on me a few seconds later and checks on me as I lay in the sand. I don't feel too hurt, so I get up and we keep riding another few minutes.

Suddenly, I realized I couldn't even squeeze the left brake anymore or turn the handlebar. So we rode out backwards and onto a dirt road back to the parking area, me with one arm the whole time. Washed off the bikes, etc.

Blah, blah, blah, I toughed it out for a day. Yesterday, I saw doc for x-ray. The prognosis:

Radius bone is broken in the elbow at the radial head and there's a small fracture in my humerus (although, it is not humorous).

I'm seeing a specialist this afternoon, but I think I'll be off the bike for at least a couple months :mad: Not only that, I can't lift at the gym, play guitar or play keyboard. So I can't do any of the things I enjoy doing. :madman:

Time to find new hobbies I guess...

I'm feeling kinda depressed. HOw do you deal?
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