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I had planned on my usual ride with Slider on Sunday, he called late and bailed. Heckler19 had sent out an invite for a 9:00 ride this morning at the local place. I wasn't up for a solo ride, while I didn't respond to the invite, I figured I'd show up anyway.

I get down to the highway and they have all lanes stopped and are checking IDs, very weird. Before I get to the front of the line, they pull someone out. I'm late, but I think I can still make it if I take the back way off Highland, the cops have that shut down, yellow tape everywhere and a body- sized lump on the entrance ramp. Turns out to be a double homicide!

I'm too late to meet the ride, so solo it is. I meet up with Twink and some other Raggers up at the top of the hill, I turn around to join their ride (thanks!) which means rolling down a steep rock face.

A short diversion. I'm a safe rider. I ride within my limits and never feel I put myself in danger. I have not had a serious non-mechanical caused crash in probably 2 years?

I've ridden this particular rock face 20 or 30 times, never with an incident. In retrospect, I probably wasn't paying close enough attention, but I ended up sliding sideways (it was a bit moist), then going OTB on the rock face. You know its a bad fall when people look AWAY as you fall. Luckily I hit helmet first, unfortunately I also slid on my face. Surprisingly very little real pain and I continued on the ride.

I crashed AGAIN a few minutes later while attempting to launch off a stream bed. Jeez. By the time the ride was done I also broke a hanger and flatted, just not my day..

- Sore forearm - I still have a goose egg under my skin... weird.
- Cut inside my lip
- jammed middle finger (wanna see it?)
- cut on my thigh
- sore shoulder
- a bit of a headache
- sore neck
- small scrape on my nose and chin - I hope I don't have any appointments this week!

Bike - broke hanger and popped tube.

All in all no big deal. The most important thing will be for me to get out there and ride that rock soon. I've played it over and over in my head and I still believe that it was more a matter of my lack of attention than anything else - that rock face deserves more attention even in dry conditions than I was paying. I took an easy route and got knocked off line. Just goes to show that you can't get complacent out there.

The crash in the stream was due to an old cleat - I realized that I had one "new" shoe and one "old" shoe, the old cleat came out of my pedal as I went for the launch - I guess that's the danger of buying the same shoes twice in a row!


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sorry to hear about your injuries, but yeah i was trying to go to Hartford to go to church and we couldn't get on 384 until Main street coming from Bolton and there were still cops at that on ramp. Weird stuff...
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